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Dwelling in Probabilities - C. Lundoff's Journal
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December 31st, 2014

Where I'll be in 2014

Anne Bonny
Updates to follow as I have them.

  • 2014 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event - January 13. The event will run all month on author K.T. Grant's blog, but my post on Amazons: Women Warriors in Fact and Fiction will run on January 13th.
  • Arisia - January 17-20. Boston, MA. I'm doing a panel and a reading and probably odds and ends for Broad Universe.
  • LGBT SFF in the 1970s - SF Signal - Part 2 of my series about historical LGBT SFF characters, writers and trends. Not sure of exact date but I'm almost ready to turn in the next one.

  • Marscon 2014 - March 7-9, Bloomington, MN. I'll be a guest again this year and doing panels and probably a reading of some sort.
  • Quatrefoil Library - March Women's Reading Event - March 22, 1-4PM, Minneapolis, MN. Annual showcase of local queer-identified women writers. This year, it will be at the gorgeous new location at Spirit on Lakes.


  • Virtual Living Room - Spot-On Chat w/ MN Authors. Multi-day chat May 9-12 on the Virtual Living Room Yahoo Group with Jessie Chandler, Ellen Hart, Lori L. Lake, Rachel Gold, Catherine Friend, M.B. Panichi and me
  • WisCon - May 23-26, Madison, WI. 3 panels and the Outer Alliance reading.
  • CONvergence - July 3-6, Bloomington, MN. Panels, perhaps a reading
  • Diversicon 22 - July 25-27, St. Paul, MN. Panels and more panels
  • Speculations Reading Series - October 22, 6:30 PM. DreamHaven Books, Minneapolis. Author reading.

December 19th, 2014

So, um, #awardeligibility. I *think* I'm eligible for the Fan Writer Hugo for this year. 5 LGBT SFF posts make a series -

Not going to campaign ad nauseum, just getting it out there. :-)

December 17th, 2014


The last (for now) of my decade by decade series on LGBTQ Science Fiction and Fantasy is now live at SF Signal -

December 15th, 2014

Last week was whilrlwind of day job volunteering (my day job does paid time off for volunteering, which is really nice perk) on Wednesday, followed by a 2 day long small business training at WomenVenture, the Twin Cities women small business incubator. We covered basic bookkeeping, some legal stuff, funding options, office space options, business plans and about a zillion other things. Plus, good discussions every session. My brain is still mush but I plan to get back to set up and working on the big checklist/business plan that I started several months back. I'll be posting more as I process and get moving on things. In the meantime, getting some writing done, too, plus event planning for 2015.

Also, this weekend,Minnesota Center for Book Arts Winter Book! This year featured the awesome prose stylings of author Will Alexander (story set in Powderhorn Park! ) as well as a purty new binding by my wife, Jana Pullman, plus fabulous artwork by MCAD students and other general gorgeousness by local artists. There are still copies of both editions available.

December 11th, 2014

 The latest installment in my overview of LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy (2000-2010) is now live. Part 1 runs this week, Part 2 will go up next week. Happy reading! :-)

December 5th, 2014

The week in review...

Anne Bonny
or something.

What follows is what I've been up to when not being enraged/depressed about the level of police brutality and lawlessness in this country. If you want my take on that, I've been tweeting incessantly about fundraisers, politics, fandom fails, writing news and random pictures of the solar system. So if you want more of that, best to follow me on Twitter - @clundoff. It took me ages to get out there and now Twitter turns out to be the perfect medium for my attention span, go figure.

Here's what's going on otherwise, personal level:
  • I've turned in my next LGBT SFF series to SF Signal. The 2000-2010 post was huge and will run in two parts, posted a week apart. First installment, 12/10, second 12/17.
  • I'll be a writer guest at Marscon 2015
  • I'm writing an essay about Irene Adler (recent media depictions vs. canon) for a new book of Sherlock Holmes articles and spoofs (huzzah!)
  • Currently working on a space opera piece (to hopefully submit to Queers Destroy SF), a Moriarty story for an antho of same, a horror story to sub to Dreams from the Witch House and novel edits. And poking at Blood Moon again. Plus Emily stories.
  • Next week, I take a 2 day workshop on starting a small business and I'm so not prepared to launch or follow up yet. But will hopefully will be a tiny bit closer by then.
  • Wrangling weekly dentist visits for Mom who needs huge amounts of major (uninsured) dental work, so tons of extra stress for everyone involved. The dementia drugs are becoming less effective too, which is a mixed blessing, since it means she tunes out pain better at least, but also tunes out useful things.
  • MCBA's Winter Book is upon us, with all that that entails (last minute book binding! fun!). The reception is on 12/13 at 6:30 and this year's Winter Book features a story by the awesome Will Alexander, all around swell guy and National Book Award winner, and a deluxe binding by Jana Pullman, my swell wife and MN Book Artist of the Year. Plus work by a bunch of other artists. It will be fabulous!
  • Lovely Iowa friends moving up to the Cities for a job so we'll get to see them more often.
Now to go run out to talk to the guys in the rental house next door about a missing package belonging to our neighbors from 4 years ago (it got misdelivered - I'm not accusing them of anything :-). The glamor!

November 29th, 2014

Back when I first started writing, I didn't know where it was going to go or if it was going to go anywhere.  My girlfriend (now wife) suggested that I try my hand at writing fiction right around the time that it became clear that law school was making me both miserable and telekinetic (I broke dishes with my MIND alone. True story.). So I tried my hand at pitching articles to a local weekly, started writing a short story, started doing research for a nonfiction book and wrote an essay for an acquaintance's book. As you do. Oh yeah, and dropped out of law school on my first acceptance.

But back to that essay. The editor of the book in question, Dawn Atkins, was someone from our grad program in Feminist Anthropology at the University of Iowa and she had successfully pitched a collection of essays about LGBT body image and identity to Haworth Press. The book was called Looking Queer: Body Image and Identity in Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Communities (it's currently published by Routledge Press, as Haworth is no more, FYI). It was intended as a scholarly book - if I search for it online, it turns up in psychology reference lists and so forth, so I had no idea if anyone read it or not anymore. Today, I'm no longer wondering about that.

The essay is called "Tattoo Me" and tells my story of when and how and why I got my tattoos and how I feel about them. It was written in 1996 and published in 1998. I almost never write anything autobiographical, apart from blogging. I don't do personal essays for a variety of reasons, many of them focused around family and me just not liking to talk about myself that much, not like that anyway. Ask me about writing or software or comics or wuxia and I'm all over it. Ask me about how I feel about how I grew up and what that was like, not so much. I have a pithy version I trot out for state occasions but generally, those aren't things I discuss with people I don't know well. Except for this essay.

Today, I got a Google Alert. Google Alert hasn't told me anything useful in months, but today, its happy little algorithms decided to let me know that somebody had set up a Pinterest board referencing my essay and filled with photos of gloriously tattooed people. I went out to have a look and tracked the board back to the owner, who turned out to be a professor teaching a class at NYU, Fashion and Power. And my essay was taught in Week 7, per the syllabus. My very raw, very rough, very personal essay that I probably wouldn't have written today. Is getting taught in a class at NYU. As we say at home, "Holy shit."

So I read some of the student's responses to the Pinterest photos and how the photos and my essay spoke or didn't speak to them. I also contacted their professor to make sure that she was okay with me linking to the board, etc. (her response was: Go for it. And, that because the essay resonates with her students, she'll be teaching it again next year). Apparently, my essay reminded one student of Lisbeth Salander, from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, while others were interested in the connection to how body mod can change your perception of your own body. But, regardless of whether or not their thoughts resonate with me, they read it and reacted to it.

I almost don't have words. We write these things and send them out into the world, and if we're lucky, they might get a review. If we're quite lucky, it'll be a review that really gets the piece in question and helps you, the writer, learn more about why you wrote what you wrote and what you hoped to do with it. If you're luckier than that, there might be awards and interviews and such that show you people responding to your work. I have been fortunate enough in my writing life to have known all these things in some measure. But this is something different.

For the second time in my writing life (the first time was an instructor in the UK using one of my stories for a single play writing class a few years back), someone is using my work to teach, to draw out a reaction and get a group of people to talk about how my words make them feel. About what my words inspire them to do. I am so utterly grateful that I've written anything that people will remember this way. I'm also freaked out. I'm sure that I'll settle back down in a day or two, but for now, I'm just going to sit here and be bowled over.


November 27th, 2014

A quick list - add others in the comments if you have them. The below links are intended for the community members of Ferguson and the protestors. Anything else will be deleted.

Food Banks:
Ferguson Food Pantry - The Pantry @ St. Stephen's
St. Louis Area Foodbank

Ferguson Public Library - cash donations on the
website, books on Powell's website

United Way Ferguson Fund

Operation Help or Hush - safe houses and resources for the protestors
Ferguson Defense Fund - bail, legal fees, etc.
National Lawyer's Guild Ferguson Legal Support - legal representation, observers, etc.


November 26th, 2014

 I'm in an SF Signal Mind Meld on great openings to books and stories, curated by Paul Weimer​​ - happy reading and safe travels to those of you hitting the road today!

November 24th, 2014

Signal boosting and sundries

Anne Bonny
First of all, thanks to everyone for the many boosts and donations to author Nisi Shawl, who's been dealing with a family medical emergency this week. She says it's been a big help already. If you'd like to do something to help Nisi out longer term, Aqueduct Press is her publisher and books make great holiday gifts, just saying.

In other news, both KFAI Radio and Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater are in dire financial crises and need all the love they can get. Both are Twin Cities institutions that provide amazing multicultural programming and events, including the annual MayDay Parade so beloved of us Twin Citians. I think Give to the Max Day helped but not enough to clear either institution out of issues brought on by changing corporate donations, underwater mortgages, weather delays and the other things they've had to contend with over the last few years. If you support their work, think about gifting donations in someone's honor/memory. Now would be a very good time.

And personal post: still haven't gotten to a TeslaCon post but it was  lovely and I'm still kicking myself for not getting pix of the amazing mechaparrot that moved around and chirped when you petted it. :-)
I've turned in two posts for SF Signal, including the latest in my series on LGBT SFF. The later needs a few tweaks (it's so huge I need to cut it into two halves) but it's coming soon. I'm also plugging away on novel revisions and a couple of new stories. Other Me (Emily L. Byrne) continues to have a fab year and has just had her 4th acceptance for the year, thus far. Plus I'll have a reprint, as me, in Best Lesbian Erotica 2015. Hoping to have a good writing week, depending on weather, health, Elderly Parent and related. Send good thoughts, please!

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